Saturday, January 1, 2011


Since high school, I have been a habitual list maker. Next to the Bible, the most important book in my life is my planner. And since high school, I have kept every planner I have ever owned. It sounds silly, but it's a day to day account of my life for the past 8 years. That's got to count for something, right?

Within their pages, there are a lot of additions and subtractions, erase smudges and highlights. It's messy. It's shorthand. It's life. And it continually amazes me at how I seem to fly through the pages, gaining speed with each passing year.

Thanksgiving seemed like two days ago, and tonight I find myself ringing in a brand new year. So much time has gone by and so much life has been packed into two very short months, let alone this entire year. 

The last year has been filled with so many wonderful blessings: Best friend's wedding, SB in NYC, Celebrated a year w/ my sweetheart, Saw MB in Tulsa, A week in paradise with my family, My last rush, Start of SR year, Thanksgiving, Finishing Capstone, Christmas, and now New Years... 

This year hasn't been without its hardships too. I think this has been one of the most spiritually challenging times I have ever been through, but I have faith that it will be brought full circle and that the valleys, just like the mountains, are all for the infinite glory of our Heavenly Father. 

Today, I bought a new planner. The pages are clean, crisp and blank; itching to be scribbled on with the next year's plans, goals and dreams. But that's all they are, just my plans. They are drawn up with the best intentions. But it is my ultimate goal this year, to scrap my planner (figuratively speaking) and follow, with reckless abandon, after the heart of God; to seek His plans for my life above my own. I want to hand over my pen, daily, to the Author of Perfection. 

It is my hope this next year to love deeper than I've ever loved; to seek, more earnestly than ever before, the privilege of be of being created in the image of the ultimate Creator; and, at the end of each day, to rest my head knowing that I exhausted every effort to live fully. 

I hope 2011 brings you more joy than you've ever experienced. 


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  1. I have had a planner since maybe the 6th grade...I so get this! Hope you're having a great New Year and winter break!